❧ Type design made to measure ☙

We are Florian, Igor & Sebastian, and »Typegeist« is our collaborative platform. In our work and play we explore the free spirit of type: we ascend and descend x‑heightedly into spaces yet undiscovered, jump from subscript to superscript, we slab serifs and ding bats, we are counter‑intuitive and diacritical, we dance blindfolded to the rhythm of letters and words, fill up and spill over with the mesmerising colours of black and white. We grab the anchor points with two outstretched arms, move them up in frivolous contemplation, let them go and listen as they sink. We tune and tweak, listen and talk, ignite and quench, detour and delight, until all is brisk and shiny. Only then it is type to move on. 

* * *

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